Schedule siding repair service in the Lafayette, LA area today

Schedule siding repair service in the Lafayette, LA area today

Stop Living in a Home With Worn Siding

Is your siding in bad shape? Have you noticed corrosion or holes in your siding? If so, you need to contact the siding installation and repair experts at Westmark Construction Co, Inc right away. We'll work quickly to fix your vinyl or aluminum siding so you can love the look of your home again.

Many residents of Lafayette, LA and beyond depend on our dedicated crew for siding repair services. We make sure the job is done right the first time.

Enhance your home with vinyl siding

You're replacing the siding on your home. You've found many different materials but don't know which is best for your house. It can be difficult to choose from the variety of brick, wood, aluminum and vinyl options on the market.

The knowledgeable team at Westmark Construction Co, Inc recommends vinyl siding. You'll enjoy having vinyl siding because:

  • You'll save money. Vinyl is more affordable than other siding materials.
  • You won't worry about maintenance. This material is easily cleaned and the color doesn't fade.
  • Your house will be protected for years to come. Vinyl is a durable product that is built to last for at least 20 years.
  • You'll improve your curb appeal. This type of siding comes in many different colors. You can pick one that complements your house.

To learn more about the benefits of vinyl siding, call us today. Our siding installation specialists are available to answer your questions about the ideal siding for your home.